Join us on Thunderclap!

Dear LifeSeekers,

Thanks again for joining our #LifeSeekers campaign! Every day, more people are expressing their opposition to migrant-blaming narratives, and support for a more inclusive Europe.

We have now launched a Thunderclap campaign, to gain even more support and find even more #LifeSeekers. We invite you to join the Thunderclap at this link, and share the campaign with your friends.

What is Thunderclap?
Thunderclap is a tool for online campaigning. When you join the Thunderclap campaign, the tool will schedule a message on your chosen social media platform (Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr), which will be sent at a particular date and time (in this case, 12 noon CEST on 12 August). Why? This allows for all of us to send out our message at the same time, thus making sure it has a bigger impact and reaches more people! The message will only be sent if we collect enough supporters (for this campaign, our target is 100, but we hope to get many more!)

How do I join?
Simply visit the page at this link, and select which social media platform you would like to join the campaign with. You will then have to confirm that you allow the Thunderclap app to post on your behalf. Wait, is that safe? Don’t worry, this is totally safe and secure. The Thunderclap app will only post this specific message at this specific time. The app also asks to access your friends/followers list: this is for the sole purpose of determining the “social reach” of the campaign – i.e. the potential number of people who will see our message (which will be in the 100,000’s!) If you’re still unsure, have a read of the Thunderclap FAQ and privacy policy.

So, please help us to grow this campaign even more by joining our Thunderclap!

Best regards and stay UNITED,

Jonathan and the UNITED team